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Sell Your Junk Car Without the Title and Registration in Illinois

Curtis Towing & Salvage Inc helps you sell your junk car without the title hassle-free. Whether your registration has been damaged, lost, or stolen, our professionals will guide you to get a duplicate registration in Illinois. One of the easiest ways is by visiting the Cyberdrive Illinois website to get your electronic registration and title.

- Online process
  1. Click on Electronic Registration and Title (ERT) system.
  2. Fill out the form provided, and you'll be able to print out your duplicate title after paying $3.
- Offline process
  1. Get a Form VSD 190 (Application for Vehicle Transaction(s)) at your nearest Secretary of State office.
- Fill out the form and mail it along with the $3 replacement fee to:
  1. Illinois Secretary of State
  2. Vehicle Services Department
  3. 501 S. 2nd St.
  4. Room 011
  5. Springfield, IL 62756

If you cannot find your vehicle title, don't let it stop you from getting rid of your unwanted junk vehicle today. Sell your junk vehicle by following these simple and painless steps. Call us now for more information.

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